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I wonder if that was a consolation prize on Beat the Clock 


…Kollar, Francois, 1931….

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Claire Pestaille


…Francesco Tortorella…

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View of an Azalea Garden and Mt. Fuji:  Hasui, Kawase

Original Japanese Woodblock Print

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i actually think p often on this website “romanticizing mental illness” is a phrase thrown out to silence neurodivergent teens talking about their experiences

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[u & i] - an x-ray scan livestreaming the human body’s reaction to intimacy

art of noise - paranomia / kyary pamyu pamyu - onedari 44° / stereolab - self portrait with “electric brain” / art blakey - are you real? / the avalanches - two hearts in 3/4 time / janelle monae - sally ride / wise blood - target / m.i.a. - it takes a muscle / talking heads - (nothing but) flowers / devo - girl u want / spoon - is love forever? / starfucker - medicine / open mike eagle - nightmares / weezer - only in dreams

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Esther Sarahkim

'Death Treading'


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